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VolvoxLabs, in partnership with Bing, set out to build a unique community lounge and event space for Digital DUMBO that merged architectural design and aesthetically integrating audiovisual elements with functionality. VVOX created a fully integrated, personalized visual system built from the ground up that included a projection mapped bar, user-based interactive LED wall, and a realtime social media interface that pulls in Twitter and Instagram feeds. This whole system is situated within a functional and modular interior design environment.

The space itself features:

– A groundbreaking audiovisual system that seamlessly merges with the architectural design
– 200″ projection screen that allows for engaging presentations and visual content as well as a direct connection between Windows 8, Xbox and Airstream operating systems.
– A custom made touchscreen interface that allows clients to control lighting, AV content and Instagram + Twitter feeds in realtime
– Integrated technologies allow for the content to be presented simultaneously across all screens
– 70 high-powered LED strips react to human presence, triggering patterns and surround sound effects using the Kinect sensors
– Projection mapped Bar Pod creates a unique surface for showcasing design work, motion graphics, and the “back channel”.
Our software allows visitors to upload their content to a folder in the cloud which then is automatically wrapped around the Pod making it very easy and simple to switch ‘vibe’ and branding between events.

VolvoxForm: Architectural Design
sfdshop.com: BarPod fabrication
Microhive: DMX system dev
Zyia Zhang and the team

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