Monumental Kinetic Light Installation

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for the french fête des lumières 2013, in lyon, tetro presented ‘grid’ at the hôtel de région rhône-alpes. the monumental kinetic light installation was designed by christopher bauder berliner, founder of whitevoid and robert henke. the structure is made from 150 bars of motorized suspended LEDs, forming a dynamic grid of 22m long. illuminating french architect christian de portzamparc’s building, floating triangles mesmerizingly move up and down, turn on and off according to the rhythm of music. a wavering, organic motion is achieved, completely washing the audience in baths of glowing bright colors.

lighting design: christopher bauder / white void
electronic music: robert henke
bandmaster: franck-emmanuel comte
choirs: concert de l’hostel dieu
production: matthieu debay – tetro

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